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What do people think about your product or service? How satisfied are your employees? Also, what is the quality level of your business processes? Just a few of the questions that we can help you with. Target Questions is a research company that specialises in surveys and audits.
As part of the AUX Fieldmarketing Group, we also offer several other services, ranging from tenant surveys to mystery visits. Each research project results in a solid report that allows you to benefit.

Target Questions works for commercial companies as well as non-profit organisations.
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About people work and customisation

Target Questions is part of the AUX Fieldmarketing Group, a group of companies specialised in various disciplines like (product) promotion, hospitality, mobile branding and goody bags, amongst others. However, the group has one characteristic in common: the result is paramount.

Target Questions guarantees reliable results. The surveys and audits conducted by us are summarised in unequivocal reports that could serve as important management information; information that you can use right away.

People work
The research often involves sensitive topics or loaded issues. A professional approach is absolutely essential in that case. At Target Questions, this starts with a personal interview so that the course of action can be determined. For the fieldwork we use skilled and experienced surveyors and auditors who receive intensive supervision for each project.


Every organisation and situation is unique. This is why our surveys are always customised. The only thing that comes standard, is the quality. A survey- or auditing package is devised in close consultation with the client. The relevant package is always tested with the appropriate target group in advance and under the ideal conditions.

Attractive pricing
Target Questions is a textbook example of a no-nonsense research company. With an efficient and highly goal-oriented operating process. How do you benefit from this? Customisation in exchange for comparable pricing.

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Optimal support
We are also the right partner for more than just market research. If needed, we can provide internal support as well, ranging from project management and project planning to helpdesk assistance.



Albert Einstein

We only do what we are good at


Claude Lévi-Strauss

They are the ones who help you to accomplish your objectives


Anne-Marie Albers

Anne-Marie is responsible, from A to Z, for the establishment and supervision of survey- and audit projects.


Saskia Klouth

Saskia provides vital support for the execution of surveys and audits. She also designs online platforms and processes reports.


Dave Rijkse

Dave is responsible for the general management tasks and ensures that Target Questions achieves its own targets (objectives) as well as those of its clients.

Would you like to hear it from someone else?


‘Target Questions supports us in such an insightful way that we can take our quality system to a better level, together.’

Peter Paul Tenthof - van Norden - The Dutch Red Cross

‘A driven and enthusiastic club of people that you can build on.’

Arjan Ruiter - SaaOne

‘Target Questions is a pleasant partner that joins in on the thinking process with a practical approach. They have generated usable information and analyses for us, particularly because of the associated quality. Thank you for the smooth collaboration.’

Paul van Erp - Lekkerland Vending Services

‘Because of Target Questions, a simple question turned into a pleasant research project, surveys turned into fun conversations and the research report became an excellent policy advice instrument.’

Hein Jaarsma - Municipality of Harlingen

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